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Bottle Baby Bear

I had decided to skip Face-Off Friday this week for lack of time, but then I noticed this cute fella in my sewing room from years ago. I probably showed him then on a different blog, but now he wants to be here for Face-Off Friday. I made many teddy bears back then but this is my only bottle bear. You can just see part of the Snapple bottle filled with smooth river stones forming his body under his mohair arms and head. His eyes are glass beads and his nose and mouth were embroidered with black yarn. 

I am linking up with DVArtist for Friday Face-Off.
 So much fun to see everyone’s work! 


  1. I am so glad you have a few minutes to join us. I love this little guy. He is adorable. Thank you for being part of FFO. Have a very good day today.

  2. Hey, the anonymous is me Nicole. LOL

  3. Your little bear is SO cute! - ;))

  4. He is so cute. I'm glad you shared him with us Barbara.

  5. He is darling. I want to cuddle him.

  6. So glad you changed your mind ... your bottle bear is adorable. I wouldn't have wanted to miss that sweet little face :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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