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Watercolor Pencil Attempt

 Trying to get the feel of watercolor pencils has not been easy. 
I had to develop a lighter touch while drawing before brushing on the water. It was hard after randomly spreading a lot of acrylic paint with a palette knife in the past. This is not my first attempt, but at least it’s not trashed like others. I like the delicate look of watercolor, but I was never good with it. I’ll keep trying but don’t know if I’ll post more finishes here. 😂


  1. I LOVE it!! A light touch seems to do the trick - it turned out REALLY well! PLEASE keep trying - AND post your finishes. If I can post my crummy attempts - you can post your wonderfulness - ;))

  2. I LOVE seeing my friends' artwork. Thanks for sharing "Cock-A-Doodle" with us.

  3. I love the look of watercolors too Don't be so hard on yourself I really like this piece and love it when you share your art with us-hugs

  4. Barbara this is just gorgeous. The colors blend beautifully.


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