Barbed Wire

“Barbed Wire”

Next up from my daughter, her latest oil painting. 
I’m very happy she is OK with me posting her work on my blog! 

Papier Mache Scupture

I hadn’t done papier mache in awhile, so I tried making a 10” skinny figure. It started with fashioning a wire armature, then tin foil and papier mache strips were added. That process took 3 days in short spurts of time until I liked the shape. Waiting for it to dry thoroughly took another 2-3 days. Next was painting him and I wanted to play with different colors. Realism is not something I often try to achieve, so I settled for “creepy” with yellow eyes and called him “Done”.




My daughter has returned to painting.  Her husband requested a nautical-themed piece, and I may have to fight him for this one!



Per the comment from dmZapp under the post below (wherein I wasn’t sure what I saw in my abstract painting) I now can’t see anything else! I’ve never been to South America, but somehow it feels I have! See this Wikipedia link:

Cold Full Moon for December


Recent full moon blog posts of others reminded me of a Native American full moon spirit doll challenge I was in some time ago. This is the 9” doll I made for December when nights were long and cold. I’ll dig out the other dolls and post each one as the full moon presents itself for that month. 

Abstract Palette Knife Painting

I was thinking of an image while painting, but my husband doesn’t see it. Please comment if you see anything in either one. They are the same painting, just flipped. Thanks. 

A Needle-Felted Gift

Our daughter likes Sloths, so I needle-felted this one for her. It’s a Christmas tree ornament for now, but can hang in her home anywhere.  I hadn’t needle-felted anything recently, and I can’t do a lot at one time, but it’s relaxing and fun if I don’t overdo it.

A Very Special Gift!


This is a gift from my dear friend, Marilyn! It’s another of her acrylic pour pieces, about 6” in diameter and ready for hanging. I see so many things in this, something new each time I look. I have the perfect spot in mind for it!

Until Next Year!


Here’s a holiday table-topper I made during a quilt guild mystery project. I use it year-round!
Comcast has been intolerable this month, so I’m taking a blog break until after the holidays. 
Wishing all of you a fabulous holiday season! 

A 2005 Project

In chatting by email with Gene Black about my desire to make a quilt again, I was reminded of this one I made 15 years ago from blocks I won in a monthly contest at Block of the Month. Seeing this gives me encouragement to try again. However, rather than winning the blocks, I’d have to make them all myself! 

Just Having Fun

Playing with palette knives and color while waiting for inspiration. 
Dry spells happen! 

Man or Beast

This 11”x12” board did not take acrylic paint like a canvas, but I wanted to try painting on wood. I first used gesso, then spread paint with my palette knives. I was randomly adding paint when this figure started to emerge. I don’t know if it’s creepy or heavenly, but it might be trash-worthy. ;)



I’ve been frustrated trying to create abstracts with watercolors. Left-handed quilter said in an email that she just “lets the water do the work”. I decided to try that and here is the result. It’s not worth much to me, but in someone else’s hands it may have potential. Perhaps someone like you, Gene Black! This reminds me of the backgrounds you created for doodling, and I am definitely not a doodler. 

Mystery Art


This 8”x10” acrylic canvas went through numerous restarts. There are at least 3 other palette knife paintings underneath this one. I don’t know what this is, but I liked the colors so I stopped trying. I’m just sharing so you know I haven’t been totally lazy. Frustrated, yes, but not lazy! 😂