Scrappy Scenic


My 35 year old daughter was barely out of nursery school when she and I made this throw pillow for her bed. I took my scraps to my sewing machine and randomly sewed them into a simple house scene. Things like depth, perspective and planning didn’t matter. I just placed each scrap wherever it seemed right and sewed it down. My daughter designed the other side with fabric crayons in much the same way. This is still on her bed about 30 years later!


 I commented on Gene’s “More Scrappy Fun” post that I never seem to be able to make anything from my fabric scraps. For years I donated them to a guild friend we called the “Crumb Queen”. She used every scrap somehow and made beautiful things. Inspired by that memory and Gene’s recent blocks,  I tried again. The one I made this morning is upper right in the photo. Then I found the other two in a drawer. So I guess I did do this in the past and am still able to do it now. It was a lot of sewing though. I don’t know if I’ll do it again!

Don’t Miss This to the End!

My daughter captured this incredible turkey on her trail camera in Massachusetts. I wish I could enlarge it. Actually “stretching” the whole page works on my iPad. We have wild turkeys in NJ, but I have never seen one like this, so amazing!

Calling It “Done”



This small 8”x10” acrylic painting has been on my easel for weeks waiting to be finished. I did try a few things and didn’t like any of them, so I’m not adding anything more. Done is better!

“Full Crow Moon” Spirit Doll for March

Monthly Native American full moon names are often different based on individual tribes and sections of the country. My March spirit doll’s name is taken from Northwestern tribes where March’s full moon is called the “Crow Moon” because of increased cawing of crows signaling the end of winter. 
Again I made a baked polymer clay face, framed this time by very long hair. As always there is a sprig of dried sage inside and a Swarovski glass crystal on the outside (hanging with the neck adornment).

Rear view

Paper Clay Bowl


I made paper clay from a roll of torn bathroom tissue and homemade white glue (white flour and water). The glue can also be a 
commercial brand like Elmers. I mixed the torn tissue and glue together with a stick blender until it was the right consistency for shaping, then used it to cover an upside-down cereal bowl for a form (with Saran Wrap protecting the bowl). I patted it to the thickness I wanted and set it aside to dry at least overnight. Then I removed the hardened paper clay bowl from the cereal bowl form (second photo). I thought of painting it but decided to add fabric scraps to the inside of the bowl with clear Mod Podge instead (first photo). 
The last touch was spreading some copper acrylic paint around the rim. A fun project just to look decorative!

Portrait of a Hand

 My 14 year old grand-daughter is a photographer. She recently captured this artistic photo of her own hand. I love it and got her permission to share it. I’m slowing down with being creative, plus family has been visiting. So I’m grateful to have blog-worthy posts from others!

New Reed Diffuser Project

The hardest thing about this new project was gathering the supplies: safflower oil, measuring cup, essential oil of choice, reed diffuser sticks and a jar or vase you like that works. One with a medium opening is best. My jar is very old and has a face on it, so of course I love it! 
The steps are add 1/2 cup safflower oil, 40 drops essential oil and 6-8 reed diffuser sticks to the jar. Stir them around to mix the oils well. Lace glued around the rim was an after-thought. 
You now have a homemade essential oil reed diffuser that will fill the air with a lovely aroma. 
To get the most from it flip the reeds once each week, and replace the oil mixture once each month.

It’s Done!

After going through numerous make-overs of my papier mache art doll two posts below, I’m stopping. It’s still all papier mache but I used torn grocery store brown bags instead of more newspaper. No face, no clothes, and no painting, but I finally like it! 

“Full Snow Moon” Spirit Doll for February

The February full moon passed unnoticed here probably due to recent cloudy and snowy weather. It’s a couple days late, but here is my Native American spirit doll for February, usually the snowiest month. I sculpted and baked a young face from polymer clay hoping it would reflect the fun of playing in the snow. Again, there is a sprig of dried sage inside and a Swarovski glass crystal on the outside (hanging with the charms).

Is it Done?

My family likes my art doll as is now that the paper mache is done, but I had a bit more in mind. Anyhow, I’ve decided to live with this for awhile and see what wins out!

Paper Play

I’m blaming Debra of  “Feather Garden” for giving me the urge to do some sculpting. This is a lot of fun but very time-consuming for me. Above is as far as I got over two days, and I’m beat! I don’t know how Debra created her numerous “Clay People” for only one post. She is amazing! Anyhow, next is to build up my figure with more papier-mache, always thoroughly drying between layers. I don’t plan to dress my creation as Debra is doing, but other ideas come to mind. I hope my figure has character, and that her arms will somehow grow longer! I will post an update, wish me luck!
PS...Gene asked about a wire armature. I did start with that, then added scrunched tin foil and masking tape to hold the shape. The papier mache started going on top of that.

Mr. Wizard Addition

A shot from behind showing his felted body and base of two rocks. I was inspired to add this photo after Gene called him by a Native American name “He who stands on two rocks”.