“To everything there is a season…”

Using Blogger has become quite tedious for me. Even though things mostly worked smoothly and quickly for what seems like ages, it now feels like signing in has been intentionally made to challenge the user.  The usual name and password are no longer enough. They are now followed by new security protocols that take time, not to mention they are often followed by the notice that “something went wrong…try again later”. Also, a cell phone is needed to “try another way” so off I must go to find the cell phone, sign in there and then answer a question of whether it’s me who is trying to sign in. Unbelievable. All of this, which may or may not work, just to enjoy blogging! I had taken some time off for other reasons and was trying to come back, but I feel that the way things are now working (or not working) will probably change my mind. It’s a real downer to start a day wasting time and feeling flummoxed by electronic devices. 

Stay well and happy, everyone. Over and out! 


Friday Faceoff

Just fooling around with some charcoal, this is a quick rubbing of a garden ornament. 
I see creepy but maybe it’s also sunny!

I am linking this post with  DVArtist for the Friday FaceOff.

From a Knitted Square

 When a knitted garter stitch 7” square is folded as instructed it turns into this 6” tall bunny. It can be made even cuter with a tail, eyes, nose and mouth. But this one is for a 4 month old baby who puts everything in his mouth. Just a soft shape to hold seems like enough for now.
I’m still taking a necessary break but keeping my hands busy helps. 😊

Friday Faceoff — “Miss Blue in the Woods”

This is the last of my apparitions in the woods painted with a palette knife and acrylics. I’m taking a break for now in order to pay attention to some health needs. I hope to return soon, perhaps with new palette knife work. I’ve missed painting that way!

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Friday Faceoff — “Apparition”

A  palette knife painting of an image some swear they see in the woods behind our house.

Don’t forget to visit Nicole at https://beadwright.blogspot.com/  for face art from others and linking up your own!

Friday Faceoff — “Supermen”


This doesn’t look like a Fireman but it is the face of a 12” cloth art doll I made in honor of my Grandfather and Father. They both served numerous volunteer fire companies. The photo below of the whole doll shows references to firefighting — a badge, a company photo, and a Fireman’s Fund banner. Also, they were all Supermen!

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Friday Faceoff

“No Manners Norman”

Don’t forget to visit Nicole at https://beadwright.blogspot.com/  for face art from others and linking up your own!

Friday Faceoff — “Woody”

I can’t take credit for anything about this face except noticing it while I was sweeping our porch floor. Noticing faces everywhere happens to me often, it’s called “Pareidolia”. It’s defined on the web as a “psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects…a very human condition that relates to how our brains are wired”. This one inspired me to create a similar clay face,
however, that is not done yet. I’ll post it next week. I hope it’s as interesting as this one in wood!

Don’t forget to visit Nicole at https://beadwright.blogspot.com/  for linking up your own face art!

Friday Faceoff — “Seamus”


This face belongs to our dog “Seamus”. Debra of Feather Garden was so inspired by a photo of him on my blog that she asked if she could paint him. I was thrilled and immediately replied YES! In spite of Debra often posting that she struggles with painting, I have always had great faith in her talent. We think she captured the essence of our Seamus beautifully!

Nicole DVArtist has installed a Mr. Linky’s Friday Faceoff for everyone to join the fun, only rule being your post must feature a face.

Friday Faceoff in Progress

I’m not sure where this is headed but next Friday will reveal a finished face. I used a wrung-out teabag rubbed on the white clay to add some skin tone, so that’s an unusual start that worked. Fun!

Friday Faceoff Oldie

I was reminded of this oldie when Gene Black mentioned one of his started with a tribal mask theme. I did a lot of improvisational beading some years ago and this piece was seen that way.

Springtime Flowers Around Our Yard

I’m still enjoying my blogging break. 
Mother Nature took over the creating for this post! 

Mountain Laurel

Vulcan Rhododendron

Pink Columbine

                         White Flowering Knockout Shrub Rose                     


Pink Rhododendron

Taking Time Off

Hey Folks, the time has come to take a break here although I may pop back in when things calm down. I leave you for now with a photo of a baby blanket I knitted for our brand new adorable grandson. It’s made from extra soft Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. I didn’t think my hands would be able to knit again, but it only took longer than usual and the diagonal pattern is easy. It’s just a huge dishcloth! 

Friday Faceoff — “Migraine Explosion”

This clay face from last week’s post is finally finished. If it exudes angst, that’s the kind of week it was here. Don’t forget to visit Nicole DVArtist who has installed a Mr. Linky’s Widget below her face post for those who would like to join our “Friday Faceoff” fun. All are welcome as long as your post includes a face. Have fun!