“Full Buck Moon” Spirit Doll for July


New antlers of a young buck push out during July. The metal charm on the full moon of this spirit doll displays a buck image. The “Hag Stone” with natural hole is considered a protection amulet, and this doll’s sage is inside the tiny bottle. A buck can shed its antlers or even lose them in a skirmish. Here is one of my trail camera videos showing the result:  

Chinese Wall Hanging/Table Topper

For those who were interested in the colorful fabric piece on the table under my plants below, here it is! My husband bought this Wall Hanging/TableTopper at Kunming Yunnan Province, China on a work-related trip about 30 years ago. It’s almost a 36” x 36” square. I’m sure it was manufactured mostly for the tourist trade, and the center square medallion appears to be cross-stitched and pieced. The second photo shows the back with stiff beige backing for the decorative ribbons on the front surrounding the medallion design. I added the rod pocket across the top back and it has sometimes hung on our wall for years.

Two Whole Plants From Last Post — especially for Erika 😊


Note how roots hang over the pot edge. Each of the new fern fronds emerges from the fuzzy roots.

An Easy Houseplant

This plant is a “Rabbits Foot Fern”. It’s large and heavy and has survived numerous owners, being moved a number of times, being ignored on a back deck, and allowed to become totally root-bound. It even lived through my repotting and separating it into two plants with a handsaw! The photo is only a small portion of the entire plant showing a new curly baby fern emerging from one of the fuzzy rhizomes that live outside the dirt and hang over the pot edge. This is the most interesting and indestructible house plant I’ve ever had! 

A Teaser


This quilt needs to be King-size, so it will be awhile before I have it finished and ready to show. For now here is a teaser, just one corner. I found a way that I like to use my string blocks. Actually, I have to make more of those. I don’t really have a plan or pattern. I’m just making it up as I go with the thought in mind that it needs to be King-size. I hope it works out!

“Full Strawberry Moon” Spirit Doll for June

Native Americans named June’s full moon for the beginning of strawberry harvesting. This doll has a baked polymer clay face. It is adorned with glass seed beads, wood and stone beads, a Swarovski crystal, and real mohair for hair. Inside the stuffing is the usual sprig of sage and polished river rocks for weight. The full moon on the front has a brass image of a strawberry plant.

More Wonky String Blocks

Over the past few weeks I’ve gone from showing 6 scrappy string blocks below to 24 blocks today laid out on my “design floor”. They are still not sewn together. How to do that hasn’t been decided yet. I think I want sashings but I’m not sure exactly where. All suggestions welcome! Plus, I need many more blocks. It’s a good thing these are addicting to sew or I’d never have enough! 

Just Stringing Along

These eight 6” string blocks are sewn from my scrap fabrics with no plan in mind. They are laid out in a diamond pattern here but not sewn together. I have no idea how I will eventually use them, but it’s fun to do this kind of sewing. It’s mindless, relaxing and keeps me busy!
PS...I didn’t know what to do with the scrappy piece I made 2 posts ago, and sewing it made me crazy. So I cut it into strips for these string blocks. 

“Flower Full Moon” Spirit Doll for May

Right on time for his month’s full moon, this 7” female doll is weighted inside with polished river rocks. Also inside is a sprig of home-grown sage for good vibes. Her moon has a cabochon with tiny violets, and she’s posed in our yard with flowering Mountain Laurel.

Experiment Project DONE!

Referring to the scrap photo in the my last post, I’m calling this DONE! The “Pros” are that with the help of blog friends Gene and Left-handed Quilter, I sort of learned how to turn scraps into “cloth”. It’s interesting and pretty, and it kept me busy for a few hours of a few days. But there are also “Cons” for me. I thought scrap work would be mindless, but this did not roll along smoothly enough for me to relax with it. I found I had to plan my next moves in order to have something grow into usable cloth. At most, I can get three 6” blocks cut from this piece. That’s only one 6” block per day! Maybe it’s just me, but I much prefer using my scraps in foundation-pieced string blocks as I’ve done in the past. No thinking, no planning, totally mindless and relaxing. That will be next! 

What Should I Do Next?


A few of you have inspired me by your use of scraps. I know this doesn’t look like a lot, but it took an hour to sort them into similar sizes and shapes. My scrap bin is empty and my mid-section is aching. (Kathy, how do you weave for hours?!) I plan to use sandwich bags to keep these separated. (Sorry Kitty, I don’t see cookie sheets helping. ;) My question is what’s next? I want to be creative with them, or why would I have saved them? But honestly, I don’t know how to start!

Suet Thief

I’m having trouble posting this short video to Blogger as usual, but clicking this link should take you to it. 

It’s actually better this way since it plays larger. Enjoy!